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The format of C&S Publishing’s digital papers make them easy to open and read, but there are a few helpful hints we’d like to pass along.

PRINTING: Printing out a page is simple.  Click on the printer icon, select the page you want to print, make sure your printer is selected, and press the button.  It could not be easier.  However, there are two thing to keep in mind.  First, no printer on the planet will be able to print out a page that contains a video clip or has Flash embedded in it. The technology just does not yet exist to accomplish that.  Also, there is no “select and print all pages” button because that would put an enormous amount of strain on your connection and computer as the document file is huge.  It’s just too big to print it all out at once.  Again, the technology is not yet available, so print out a few pages at a time and all will be well.

DOWNLOADING: As mentioned above, the document files are ginormous, as in gigantic and enormous.  The document is just too humongous to download.  Again, this is a limitation of technology.  Enjoy the paper online on your computer, laptop, tablet device, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

If you have other questions or issues, please email C&S Publishing at and we will try to get a solution or answer back to you within 24 hours.